TG-2 rilevatore azono / alcool

Rileva e memorizza la concentrazione di GAS in ambiente

DC electrical meter

DC parameter meter, bi-directional energy meter of 8 users through 8 Hall effect sensors, acquires the status (open / closed) of 16 switches on 48Vdc.

Expansion for PC or PLC with analog acquisition with 3 configurable inputs and a proportional output 0 � 10V. input S1 allows the direct acquisition of n � 1 2/3 wire Pt100 sensor. All the MD-AN3 sections are galvanically isolated from each othe

DC current sensor

DC current sensor with settable alarm and relay output. Available versions: -range 0-6A dc -range 0-10A dc 48Vdc power supply

DC electric greatness meter

Power meter and DC energy meter for 16 users. (Dc energy meter) It detects voltage and current, calculates the energy, records it in the retentive counter up to 16 users. It acquires the status of the single user disconnectors Detects the frame temperat

AC multimeter

Three-phase digital multimeter not displayed for the measurement of network parameters in single-phase and three-phase systems. Detects voltages, currents from amperometric transformer; calculates, frequency, powers and power factor. It is equipped with a

The USB-RS485 ISOLATED serial converter suitable for industrial environments with signaling LEDs. for S.O. Window, Linux

It supplies a smoke sensor connected in current loop and signals the alarm via relay. 48V power supply, sensor supply 24V +/- 5%.

The RS232-RS485 serial converter ISOLATED for industrial environment with communication signal LED in progress 24Vdc power supply