CD-747 controller, programmable in C language, C ++ and in IEC 61131, consists of basic unit and remote operator panel.

CD-747 works without operator panel, is suitable for the management and regulation of refrigeration machines: air conditioners, refrigerators, evaporative towers.

An interesting feature of CD-747 is the possibility of connecting, in the LAN network, up to 3 controllers for coordinated climate management in a hall with several air-conditioners. The room adjustment parameters and the functional parameters of the respective machines can also be programmed from the operator panel connected to the master controller.

CD-747 equips the RS-232 serial interface with Modbus RTU protocol for centralization from P.C or PLC.

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CD-747 Multiloop programmable controller according to IEC 61131, suitable for mounting on an omega rail. Equipped with:

CPU with 16 Bit processor

• No.  3 NTC10K analogue inputs, range -10 ÷ 80 ° C, precision

• No.  1 analog Input 4 to 20mA, No. 1 Input 0 to 1V

• No. 7 digital inputs isolates

• No. 7 Out relay (5A-230Vac cos-fi = 1).

• No. 3 PWM outputs.

• No. 1 RS232 serial interface (for programming and / or connection to the supervisor

• No. 1 CAN BUS interface for local coordination network.

• No.  1 RS485 serial interface for panel connection with RJ-45 and / or expansions.

• Operating temperature: 0 ÷ 60 ° C, humidity 90% non-condensing

• Power supply 24 / 48Vdc 8W.

• Degree of protection IP30

Dimensions: 136 x 109 x 50 mm.














Operator panel for CD-747 controller, suitable for front panel mounting,

equipped with:

  • anti-scratch lexan front with: 16-character LCD display, 8 signaling LEDs, 5 functional keys

• RS485 serial interface, RJ45 connection

• Operating temperature: 0 ÷ 60 ° C, humidity 90% non-condensing

• IP54 front protection rating, IP65 with accessory cod. 16450001 (option)

Dimension: enclosure Din 43700 96 x 96 dep. 35mm













example of available applicationsi


CD-747 with firmware for the management of a direct expansion air conditioner . The conditioner is equipped with a modulating free cooling shutter and a resistive heater.

It is possible to coordinate up to 3 air conditioners with gradual insertion according to the energy actually required by the system.

Adjusts the ambient temperature of the room, preferably with external air, regulates the outdoor air temperature.

Manages high and low pressure compressor alarms.

Record malfunctions and alarms on a chronological list for easy reference.

It can be centralized by a supervisor via an RS 232 serial interface.












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