Multiloop programmable controller

INCA is placed downstream of the switching between the mains and the generating set and it manages the gradual insertion and the disconnection of up to 12 loads, with programmable priority, according to the available power supply from the mains and / or generator. It detects the cumulative consumption  through the MGE3 network analyzer and it detects how many generating sets are active .It manages the disconnection of the loads to maintain the power absorbed within the available values.


  • It allows the gradual take of the load to the generator (up to 3 parallelized generators) and to the transformer.
  • It allows to maximize the power of the generator set
  • Even in automatic mode, it allows the operator to activate / deactivate the users in manual mode
  • It diagnoses malfunctions of the managed system and generates alarm states (Telesegnali)
  • The regulation on the inclusion / disconnection of loads avoids the swinging of the detached load
  • It can be remotely controlled by remote supervision systems through different serial interfaces with MODBUS Rtu protocol:
  • RS-232, for point connections, point up to 12 meters,
  • RS-485 for multipoint connections up to 400 mt.

The control and management parameters, protected by a password, can be modified by the local operator using the keypad and the display or by the remote supervision center via the serial line

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Order codes INCA KIT:

Code 801X0151 - Qty 1
CONTROLLER mod.TR88-INCA-5, suitable for front panel mounting. Consisting of a metal rack of dimensions (DIN 43700) 96 x 192 x 225 mm. designed to house the front panel and connect up to 8 electronic modules that can be inserted from the back. Equipped with:
1) Operator panel with alphanumeric LCD display (4x20), programming and functional keypad, signaling LED.
2) 16-bit CPU with solar clock + RS-485 and RS-232 serial interfaces.
3) preparation for serial communication module
4) Acquisition module with 24 digital inputs
5) Interface module for 16 outputs + 10 inputs
6) Interface module for 16 outputs + 10 inputs
7) power supply module 20 ÷ 59 Vdc (others on request)
Basic program for managing the insertion / disconnection of 12 loads according to the power available from the generator

Code 60P2Q000 - Q.ta 1
26 poles flat cable extension Lg. 2 mt. to connect module 24 digital inputs to terminal board FK 20

Code 12G00019 - Q.ta 1
FK 26 terminal board, DIN / OMEGA rail mounting. suitable for cables of section up to 1.5 sq. mm

Code 60P2Z020 - Qty 2
34-pin flat cable extension Lg. 2000. to connect module 16 out 10 in to terminal FK 34. or for relay output module cod. 70PG7010 / 30/40

Code 70PG7010 - Q.ty 2
Module 16 relay outputs with 1 changeover contact (250 Vac 5A c.r)., + 10 digital inputs. Suitable for mounting on din-omega rail dimensions. L.285, P.114, H59 mm, terminals for cables of section up to 1.5 mm

Code 4M000040 - Q.ty 1
Digital multimeter not displayed for the measurement of network parameters in single-phase and three-phase systems
Detects: line voltages directly (max 500Vac) or via TV
Detects phase currents from CT with I / 5 ratio (external CTs must be equipped)
Calculate: frequency
Calculate: RMS three-phase voltage and current, frequency, three-phase power factor, active, reactive, apparent power.
It is equipped with an RS-485 serial interface for the remote transmission, on a twisted pair, of the measurements made or calculated (MODBUS RTU protocol, 9600.
Voltage inputs with minimum capacity 1 V eff, maximum 500 V eff.
Amperometric inputs with minimum capacity 20 mA eff, maximum 5 A eff.
Mounting on din bar length 105 mm, alt. 90 mm prof. 58 mm.
Power supply 115/230 Vac

Code 60P33040 - Qty 1
Prol. screen (3 poles) x connection MIG 3 to TR 88-INCA