DC electrical meter

Power meter and two-way DC energy meter for 8 users.
It detects the current directly from 8 Hall effect sensors with full scale - / + 25A; it measures the voltage from 30 to 60Vdc.

For each user enabled: calculates the instantaneous power, calculates the energy and stores the respective consumption in retentive counters with circular buffer.
DEM8H16 also acquires the open circuit-breaker status of each user even with zero current, detects the ambient temperature from the NTC10K sensor (option).
DEM8H16 is equipped with a power good SPDT relay to signal faults and / or to signal the diagnostic of the anomalous status of "open programmed switch closed".
All measured, calculated and acquired values are available via RS-485 multi-point serial interface with Modbus® rtu protocol.
It is equipped with an RS-232 "service" serial port which allows the complete configuration of the instrument from P.C. through the Dem8H16 program which also allows the monitoring of the variables and the reset of the energy meters of each single user.

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Ordering codes:

Code 802E00F0
DEM8H16 retentive DC energy meter power meter:
N ° 8 amperometric measurements from full scale hall transducer +/- 25 A (others on request)

N ° 2 voltmetric inputs from 30 ÷ 60Vdc with programmable alarms

N ° 16 -48Vdc digital inputs with individually programmable alarms

N ° 1 input for temperature probe with programmable alarms

1 PowerOK relay output with SPDT contacts

N ° 1 COM RS-485 with Modbus rtu protocol, programmable addresses from switch and configuration.

N ° 1 RS-232 COM

Suitable for installation from inside the cabinet, complete with flying dimors, 8-pole MODUII connectors

20Vdc ÷ 60Vdc power supply

Dimensions: H 190 x L 96.5 x P47 mm

Code 42000020
NTC temperature probe with spring coupling suitable for detecting the temperature on bars. It consists of a sensitive element in thermal contact with a metal container with a square base, electrically isolated, which allows it to be attached to the bar.
Dimensions L 6x H15 x P10

2-wire cable lg. 3.5 mt

operating temperature range from –20 ÷ 105 ° C, interchangeability precision between the sensors +/- 1 ° C

minimum insulation 500 Vac




Program for P.C with S.O. Windows (XP, 7.10).

Allows the complete configuration of the instrument

and the functions of:

- monitoring of variables

- data logger

- reset the energy meters

of each individual user,

- pairing of one or more

utilities on specific meters

- utility for serial communication tests.