PC449, precise and reliable programmable controller up to 4 loops. It is equipped with an operator panel with LCD display, 5 functional buttons, 8 leds that can be personalized with cartouches. Acquires up to 4 analog inputs selectable in Pt100, mA, Volt; 3 digital inputs; manages 2 proportional outputs 4-20mA or 2 ÷ 10V, controls up to 5 output relays and can equip the clock module (real time clock).

The basic firmware can be written in C language or with the standard language of the PLC with name EN61131-3. The operator panel, integrated into the controller, can be easily customized using the Ably ISAGRAF Extension program utilities.

PC449 is equipped with a RS-485 / RS232 serial interface with Modbus RTU slave protocol in order to communicate with P.C. or PLC.

The high precision of detection and adjustment allows to fully comply with the requirements described in the HACCP specifications.

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